Celebrate Halloween

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If you’re a teenager, you might think that Halloween is only for toddlers. But even if you’re feeling too old for trick-or-treating, there are plenty of other fun things to do on Halloween. In fact, Halloween can be even more fun when you’re older.

To host a party

Find a motto.

Do you have a favorite horror movie or scary character? For example, do you like zombies, ghosts or monsters? If so, base your motto on that. The theme of your party can dictate what type of costumes you want your guests to wear. For example, you can have an undead rock stars party where everyone dresses up as their favorite dead musician (e.g. Elvis Presley). You can also tailor your games to the theme of your party. If you have a pumpkins theme, your guests can compete to carve the best pumpkin while you judge the results at the end of the game.

Offer snacks and drinks that are appropriate for Halloween.

There are tons of great Halloween treat recipes you can try and then offer to your guests. For example, make witch fingers by coloring honey with red food coloring and dipping pretzel sticks in it, then rolling them in the ground/crushed peanuts. Mix up special Halloween drinks for your guests. For example, you can try an Adams Family Punch. Simply mix equal parts orange juice, white grape juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, and lemonade and decorate your cocktail glasses with wine gum worms.

Build a haunted house

Find a suitable room in your house, or use a garage or yard. Then create a haunted house for your guests to walk through and get the creeps out of. Use scary sound effects and music that make the house even more horror. You can buy or download Halloween sound effect CDs to play the sounds during your party. Use red and black lights to create a spooky atmosphere in your haunted house and party. Find friends who will voluntarily hide in the haunted house. These can then pop out of hiding as your other guests wander through the haunted house.

Prepare some Halloween-themed party games to play during your celebration.

For example, your guests can guess each other’s costumes or you can play hide and seek in the garden after dark. Another fun party game is to set up a DIY costume table. Use some leftover materials from school or craft projects and let your guests make their own masks. Another game is to have your guests “guess body parts” that are in covered boxes. Use cooked pasta that feels like guts, peeled grapes that resemble eyes, and jelly that feels like liver. Challenge your guests to guess which body parts they touched!

Buy or make a cool disguise.

Decide if you want something scarier or you want to dress up in a more subtle way. If you’re throwing a themed party, you can choose a costume that fits the theme of the celebration. Many teenagers like to dress up like their favorite celebrities for Halloween. To do that, use a few props that clearly indicate who you’re dressing up as. For example, if you dress up as Taylor Swift, you can write the number 12 on your hand and carry around a fake Grammy award. Zombie costumes have been particularly popular in recent years. Use carnival makeup, fake blood and special effects to make you look like an undead.

Spend the evening with your friends

Play trick or treat.

You may think you’re too old for this, but just find a cool costume and wear a mask and your neighbors will never recognize you. After all, you’re never too old for sweets. If you have a younger sibling or know a younger kid next door, you can offer to go around the block with them and babysit them.

Visit the places in your city where it spits.

Do a quick search online or at the library to find places near you that are said to spit. Then you can go ghost hunting with your friends on Halloween. Many cities have historical sights that are said to spit and are managed by museum institutions. Check online to see if these locations have a special spooky tour around Halloween. Make sure you have permission to be in any place you want to explore. Don’t trespass!

Have a spooky slumber party.

Decorate the apartment like you’re going to throw a big party, but instead, you’re just inviting a few friends over. Put sleeping bags on the floor in a room. When it gets dark, tell each other horror stories. Dim the lights and challenge each other to tell the scariest story. Play some pranks on your friends and try to scare them at every opportunity! Play Bloody Mary. The game is based on an alleged ghost who is vengeful and lives in mirrors. Go into the bathroom alone, turn off the light, and repeat “Bloody Mary” three times while looking at your reflection. Try not to get too scared!

Hide and seek games in a spooky place.

Find a dark, spooky place and play hide and seek there after dark. Use flashlights and take turns with your friends who have to find the hidden people. You can play in your own backyard or in your neighborhood. Try using flashlights that have different colored bulbs. This will make it even scarier when you have to search for the other game participants. Play in teams or in pairs. This way no person is left alone in the dark when the rest of the game participants have already been found. Make sure you have permission to enter any place you want to play and make sure you don’t disturb anyone with your gameplay.

Spend the evening at home

Watch a scary movie.

Halloween movies are shown on many TV channels, so settle in, watch some horror movies, and have fun. Of course, you can also rent your favorite scary movies and host a movie night. Many online streaming sites are increasing their horror movie offerings in October, so you should have plenty to choose from. There are many new television series that are a little scary, such as American Horror Story and Supernatural. If you can’t find a movie you’d like to watch, try one of these series.

Help distribute candy to the kids playing trick or treating.

It’s likely that on Halloween night your doorbell will keep ringing. Help your parents by handing out candy to the kids that come to your door. Many people play harmless pranks on children who ask for tricks or treats. You can try this too, but be careful not to scare children who are too small! Make sure you have enough candy at home to hand out without running out before the end of the night. Plus, you might end up wanting some snuggly stuff for yourself too.

Carve pumpkins.

Many families wait until Halloween day to carve the pumpkin, so the evening can be spent carving. Then you can put the lighted pumpkin (just put a candle inside the fruit vegetable) out for the candy-collecting kids to see. You can buy pumpkins from the supermarket and simply print out a carving template online that you can then carve out of your pumpkin. For example, you can be inspired by a particularly eerily beautiful scene or a character from your favorite film. If you have younger siblings, you can help them carve the pumpkin and make sure they use the carving knife properly.

Read scary and ghost stories.

There are many different short story collections that are scary. You can find these collections either at your local library or online. Spend your time reading a good horror story to scare yourself without leaving the house. There are also many podcasts that have scary stories read out for you to listen to. This can be especially fun if you’re doing this in the dark with your headphones on. There are countless scary and ghost stories. Just google online to find something suitable.


Leave your front door light on if you want kids to come over for a trick-or-treating game. When you run out of candy, turn off your front door light. Use foods like jelly (liver), spaghetti (gut), and grapes (eyeball) to feed your party guests extra spooky foods. It doesn’t have to be a big party if you don’t like it. You can also just invite a few friends. If you’re worried that you’ll look too old and people will refuse to give the candy, bring a younger sibling or cousin with you. If you’re short for your age, that won’t be a problem. Only go to houses where you can see light. If the front door light isn’t on, then the residents are probably not home or don’t want anyone ringing the bell for Halloween.


Be especially careful if you have to cross a street. Lots of people celebrate Halloween these days. Always go with another person or in a group and stay together. Let an adult know how long you plan on staying away. It’s best if you have a light source with you at night. Also illuminate your sidewalk with, for example, lanterns, candles or lights. Let your neighbors know ahead of time that you’re having a party and/or invite them too. Be aware that toddlers are easily frightened, so take this into account when planning things like putting together a spooky costume or building a spooky house. Always observe the applicable law. Do not riot or enter the restricted property. Do not offer alcohol if you or your guests are under the legal drinking age.