Text Messages

text messages


Cheering up someone you care about can be difficult if you don’t meet them face-to-face. Messages can be a powerful tool! Send a good joke or hysterical meme to make him laugh. You can use a photo editor app to take a fun picture of yourself if you like it more personal. If your friend is very sad, skip the jokes and encourage them to write to you about their problems. Let him blow off steam when he needs it. Invite him to do something very funny or silly with you to distract him and take his mind off things!

Make you laugh

Write him a good joke.

If you have a favorite joke that people always laugh at, text it to the person in question. If you’re not sure what to send, do an online research using keywords like “funny jokes to write” or “write humorously.” Scroll through the results until you find something good. Look for jokes related to your favorite topic, like animals or movies. You can search for his favorite humor, like puns. If your friend has a very nerdy sense of humor, then google “dad jokes” and you’ll find some funny site suggestions to choose from. Don’t use anything questionable or inappropriate.

Send a funny meme.

There are enough funny memes in the world! For example, you can google “memes to make friends laugh” and scroll through the results. If you know the person loves something in particular, look for it specifically. For example, if the person is very fond of Game of Thrones, use Google image search to find related memes that are sure to cheer them up. Use one of the many meme generators on the internet, like Laughing Goat Generator, to make something unique and specific. You can also create a meme yourself and send it out.

Send a stupid photo or video of yourself.

Take a picture of yourself with a ridiculous expression on your face or record a short video of you giving a goofy monologue and send it. If you want to be more creative, experiment with filters on Snapchat. You can also use free photo editing apps like Make Me Bald and LOL Booth FX. You can use it to create something fun. Try one of the many apps that let you make yourself an emoji and send some fun versions of yourself.

Create the perfect GIF to cheer him up.

There are some really funny GIFs out there! Search GIF libraries for something that fits their situation. You can also search for GIFs that include his favorite actor from a TV series or movie. GIPHY is a great library for GIFs. Find the app in your phone’s app store, download it and attach the GIFs directly to the message. If you don’t want to download the app, use the user-friendly mobile website. You can also make your own GIF. GIPHY offers this feature, but you can also create your own GIF with other apps.

Challenge him to an exclusive emoji conversation.

This silly message game can distract him and is a lot of fun! Write that you will only communicate with emojis for the next 20 minutes. Ask him to answer like that. See if you can decipher each other’s messages and try to make them laugh with a unique combination of emojis. Start the conversation with a smiley face or an emoji showing two friends. Then let your imagination run wild.

Make him laugh with a fun eCard.

Various websites offer pre-made cards that you can send via message. These pages are usually searchable. Use the search to find something appropriate for the situation. For example, at Somecards you can search for eCards about breakups and other specific situations. For example, a funny card says, “It’s better to have loved and lost than spend the rest of your life with a psycho.” Such a card reminds your boyfriend that he might be better off without his ex!

Show that you care about him

Ask him what happened and let him vent to you about the problem.

Let him dominate the conversation. Do not rush with suggestions for help or solutions. Just be there for your friend. Write comments that make him feel appreciated as he writes, like, “This is horrible.” or “I’m so sorry.” You want your answers to sound as sincere and supportive as possible. You can express nonverbal things through images, like a “wow” emoji, and write, “That’s so unfair.”

Remind him how great he is.

Send your friend a text mentioning three things you love about them. You can type the message in the message field, write it down and take a picture or even make a video and paste it into the message field. For example, write something like, “You’re such a great friend. I love that you have a great sense of humor and are always there for me when I need you. You also make great sundaes! I hope you’re feeling better!”

References to a constructive song line or song.

If you’re having trouble finding the right words, look for a song or poem that expresses what you’re thinking. If you know your friend likes a particular band or author, look for options from those sources. You can also use apps like AUPEO that allow you to search for song-based music in a specific mood. Use inspirational lyrics from a song, like, “Life is like music. It has high notes and low notes.”

Build it up with an inspirational quote.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say when someone is feeling down. An inspirational quote can cheer you up here. Send something related to what your friend is going through. For example, if your friend messed up an interview, send them this quote from Victor Kiam: “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” (Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.) Brainyquote is a great resource for finding inspirational quotes for friends and family.

End the conversation sweetly, warmly, or creatively instead of saying “bye.”

Write something playful, light-hearted like, “I hope your dreams turn out sweeter than your day did!” You can also write something supportive, like, “Have a great afternoon. I look forward to speaking with you later.” A more creative ending will make the other person smile a little.


Plan something with the person.

A nice experience can go a long way and your friend will feel better. Offer to have ice cream together or ask if you would like to see a movie that you both have been dying to see. You can also just plan to hang out and talk together. Write, “Hey, I know you’ve had a rough day. How about pizza later or a movie?” If you live too far away to meet with the person in person, suggest a phone call or video chat instead.

Offer help

Write if you can help with chores or errands, or if there is anything you can help in general. Maybe you can help with homework or study for the next history test. Offering your time and energy shows that you care about the person and you can give them personal encouragement. If you don’t live near your friend, ask how you can help remotely.

Invite him to do something really silly with you.

Write to your friend and ask if you want to build a blanket castle together or watch evil movies at your place. Invite him to swing on the playground at the nearest park. Invite him to try on the most ridiculous costumes together. Choose something silly and unexpected to make him laugh! You can also invite him to a pool noodle fight in your pool or to walk the streets together. If you don’t live close enough to meet him in person, suggest something silly like a staring match via video chat.

Seek more help if that might help.

If your friend is really depressed, then just writing probably won’t help much. If it doesn’t improve after a few weeks, then take a closer look at his behavior. Talk to their parents, girlfriend, relatives, or a counselor for additional help. If you can’t get help from anyone else, talk directly to your friend about their situation. Say, “I’m worried about you. Have you thought about talking to an expert about your feelings?”