Scorpio Ascendant

scorpio ascendant

Ascendant, also called an ascendant, refers to the position of the stars rising above the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Think of it as a “filter” for your primary sun sign – a Scorpio ascendant may have a dash of certain Scorpio traits, but Scorpio is not the primary driver of their personality. Scorpios tend to be enigmatic, very organized, and passionate. As such, Scorpio ascendants tend to be somewhat mysterious, have a stronger inner alignment, and somewhat “darker” energy. This can be a fun exercise, but remember that people are complex. What applies to one Scorpio ascendant does not necessarily apply to the other. If you definitely want to find out whether you are dealing with a Scorpio ascendant or not, we have put together the usual signs for you.

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You may seem reserved at first

A Scorpio ascendant can seem reserved (or even mean) at first.

Scorpios have complex inner workings and this can cause them to get caught up in their thoughts. It can feel like they are not interested in talking to you. They can even use their body language to appear closed off. If you approach them out of nowhere, they might get a little aggressive or harsh. Do not take it personally. When a Scorpio ascendant goes to a party, they might grab a drink and sit alone in a corner instead of mingling. When they get on the bus, they’ll likely open a book or pull out their cell phone instead of looking around and making eye contact.

They could be intense

If they have a quiet wildness about them, they are probably Scorpio singles.

Scorpios are often obsessed with thoughts and ideas, which can make them seem a little energetic. They don’t seem angry, but it might feel like they could erupt at any time. However, a Scorpio ascendant will rarely lash out. Nevertheless, the intense calm they radiate can leave quite an impression. This has different effects on others. Some people may be repelled by a Scorpio’s lack of playfulness and moodiness, while others find it intriguing and appealing.

It can feel like they’re brooding

Her quiet intensity can come across as a little somber.

People often mistake Scorpio’s silence for sadness, but when they open up, they are extremely friendly. This unique combination can give the impression that they often think about something complex or mysterious. While this adds to their appeal, it can also give the impression that they are a bit dramatic and deep. Seeing them rub their chins and stare off into the distance, it can appear as if they are contemplating a complex philosophical problem. Other people just look bored.

They can be intuitive and persuasive

Scorpios are often great leaders for a reason.

Scorpios rarely act without thinking, and their ability to work through a problem in their heads can make them seem incredibly good at guessing. Having thought through every angle, they are also skilled negotiators and debaters. Because of this, Scorpios often make good detectives, doctors, and politicians. Famous Scorpio Ascendants include Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. As you can see, people with this ascendant sign are often phenomenal at persuading and arguing with others.

You may not focus on the past

When they’re done with a project, it’s no longer an issue for Scorpio ascendants.

Scorpio is a forward-thinking sign and once they have completed a task or thought through a problem, they are done with it. A Scorpio will not look back nostalgically to the past or reminisce about their past accomplishments. It might even confuse you how quickly a Scorpio takes on new tasks. He may complete a large group project and then talk about the next task on his agenda over the celebratory dinner.

They usually put in a lot of effort

Scorpio ascendants don’t dip their toes in anything.

When they do something, they do it as well as they can. This can be good news if you’re looking for a long-term relationship or friendship. However, it’s not good news if you’re just looking for a quick fling or a casual chat. Whether it’s work or play, a Scorpio ascendant is likely to get absorbed in everything they do. If they’re passionate about a particular video game, maybe that’s all they want to play in their free time. If you’re a big sports fan, follow the local team even in the off-season. If variety is the spice of life for you, you might be put off a bit when a Scorpio gets stuck on a particular restaurant or TV show.

You might be a little overprotective

Scorpios often struggle with strong emotions.

However, they don’t sit down with you and babble on about all their negative feelings, they try to process them silently. Because of their intense focus, they are often a little jealous or obsessive, but they can also come across as easily irritable or obsessive. Just be patient and give a Scorpio ascendant plenty of time to think about a problem, and they’ll get better soon. If you want to date a Scorpio, you may need to occasionally remind them that if you’re spending a night out with friends, they don’t need to worry.

They might be a bit intimidating

All in all, a Scorpio Ascendant can be an overwhelming force.

The silent brooding and strong leadership can feel very tiring at first. They can go from extremely calm to passionate and verbose in the blink of an eye. That can be a lot if you’re more of the laid-back type. So consider your personal feelings when trying to spot a Scorpio ascendant. If you enjoy lounging in the sun and joking with friends, a Scorpio ascendant can be an intimidating presence. If you have a more assertive personality, a Scorpio ascendant can seem like a bitter opponent. You’ll almost certainly end up respecting him, but the path to mutual respect can be marked by competition.

You might think they ignore you

It’s easy to feel like a Scorpio ascendant is ignoring you, but they don’t.

It’s not that a Scorpio ascendant isn’t interested in you. He just focuses on what’s going on in his head. Sometimes you can get the impression that they are not very talkative or open. Don’t read too much into it. They are just thinking about something and are sure to open up a bit in the future. Scorpios tend to open up a lot more when they are comfortable around you. People often feel that a Scorpio ascendant doesn’t share what’s on their mind at all or share all their thoughts at once.

You may feel strangely attracted to them

You may not find them “hot” per se, but you may be attracted to them.

There is usually something attractive about a personality with the ascendant Scorpio. Maybe you’re strangely attracted to them for reasons even you don’t understand. Maybe they have some quirk that just fascinates you. You might also really want to crack the riddle they seem to give with their brooding and silence. That’s not to say that Scorpio ascendants aren’t physically attractive. Like any element of an astrological or natal chart, this one does not affect a person’s appearance.

They can be creative if they are Gemini, Cancer or Capricorn

These combinations can lead to some really interesting quirks.

Gemini, Cancer and Capricorn tend to be charismatic and they often make good friends. Scorpio’s secrecy may seem at odds with these traits, but it often leads to truly unique personalities. Geminis are quick-witted and cheerful. Combine them with Scorpio’s obsession and will to plan and you have a highly original and creative spirit. Cancer is a considerate and imaginative sign. Coupled with the calmness of Scorpio, a Cancer with Scorpio as an ascendant is often very sensitive, imaginative and dreamy. Capricorns are calm and charismatic. Scorpios are ambitious and secretive. If a Scorpio is a great leader, a Capricorn with Scorpio ascendant might as well go straight into politics. This is a magnetic combo with a nimble tongue.

They can be passionate if they are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces

If you are looking for a great lover, these combinations are great.

All of these signs enjoy the finer things in life, and Scorpio’s highly emotional nature can make for a winning combination. Expect a lot of empathy from these signs and if you’re considering a relationship, you can’t go wrong here. Scorpios with Scorpio ascendants are a seductive bunch. They are so connected to their feelings and beliefs that their emotional clarity makes them great partners. Sagittarius is a sign known for passion and a lack of restraint. Scorpio’s brooding nature curbs this impulsiveness, but the desire for action pairs well with Scorpio’s empathy. This is a great combination if you desire intense love and a trustworthy partner. Pisces is all about romance and is a sentimental sign. Scorpios often seem a little cold, so this is often the best of both worlds. Aquarius tends towards idealism and sociability. With a dash of Scorpio planning and consideration, you have a good teammate on hand. This combination is often patient, sensitive, and loving.

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They can be moody if they are Virgo, Taurus, Libra or Leo

There is some friction between this sun sign and Scorpio.

Scorpio is a very introverted sign, but these signs often look outward. As a result, these combinations can vary from one mood to another. But you will never be apathetic. Virgo’s choosy and perfectionist tendency combined with the intense brooding of the Scorpio Ascendant can make them suspicious of others and prone to daydreaming. Reliable but stubborn Taurus can get a little impulsive and moody when paired with Scorpio’s forward-thinking. Leos are enthusiastic and outgoing – two traits that are rare in a Scorpio. That can be a spicy combination. Expect a quick-witted but unpredictable personality here. Libras are all about justice and friendship, which Scorpios tend not to be. A Libra with a Scorpio ascendant can be particularly suspicious and hesitant, but they can also be curious and loyal.

You can be temperamental if you are an Aries

An Aries Sun sign with a Scorpio Ascendant is a crazy combination.

These are two particularly strong signs with very different impulses. Aries is often bold, ambitious, and confident. Scorpio is calm, focused and doubtful. Therefore, an Aries with Scorpio Ascendant can have a very impressive personality with many quirks. The lack of fearlessness can make them prone to conflict and arguments. They can take tough stances on a variety of issues that seem unimportant to others. Scorpio’s inward nature can challenge Aries’ natural confidence. As a result, this combination is prone to depression and irritability.