Ignore Someone

ignore someone

Ignoring someone completely isn’t easy, especially when you’re constantly running into someone or when they keep trying to strike up a conversation with you against your will. If you want to successfully ignore someone, all you have to do is appear super busy, change your routine, and cut ties with that person. If you want to know the best way to ignore someone, read on.

Method one: body language

Avoid eye contact.

The best way to ignore someone is to avoid all eye contact. Because once your eyes meet, you can’t pretend the person doesn’t exist. So if the person is around you, make sure you make eye contact with everyone except them. Look straight ahead or at the ground if necessary. If the person is shorter than you, just look past them. If the person is taller, make sure you’re not looking up at them. If the person is the same height as you and they are close by, try to blur your vision so that you have a dead look.

Walk fast

If you want to ignore someone, walking quickly can also help. This gives the impression that you are busy and need to go somewhere else urgently. Someone who walks quickly does not give the impression that they would like to hang around and chat. Drop your arms to your sides, stand straight and keep your head high. It makes you look like you’re already looking for your next destination (even if you don’t actually have to go anywhere). If you see the person coming toward you, make sure you have enough distance between you. Not that you accidentally touch them anymore. Don’t literally avoid the person. When you cross the street or quickly take a different path down the hall, it’s a little too obvious. But if you spot the person from afar and you’re sure they haven’t seen each other, then you can just walk the other way.

Make an unapproachable impression.

If you find yourself sitting close to the person unintentionally, cross your arms, cross your legs, drop your shoulders, and do whatever you can to appear aloof. Your body language should signal Don’t even try to talk to me—hopefully, the person will take the hint. don’t smile Don’t smile and scowl – this is a way of letting people know that you don’t want to talk to anyone. You can also try a creepy, blank look – this will discourage anyone from trying to start a conversation with you. If you have long hair, bangs, or a hat, cover part of your face with it. This makes it all the more difficult to make eye contact with you.

Keep your body busy.

Instead of looking a little wiped out, you can do the opposite and appear super busy. Then the person will think that you don’t have a second to hang out with them. If you have a few friends around, turn to them and make wild gestures – pretend you’re talking so animatedly that there’s no way you can interrupt your conversation. If you’re alone, pretend you’re absorbed in a book or textbook. You can also read the words to yourself silently so that it appears that you are memorizing the words. keep your hands busy. Whether you are standing or sitting; hold your cell phone, your school book or even an unwieldy potted plant in your hands. This will discourage the person from approaching you.

Method two: technology

Use your cell phone

Your cell phone can be a good tool when you want to ignore someone. You can use it to look busy when the person is around you. Laugh on the phone to someone or pretend you’re deep in a text message. Change your phone number so the person can’t call or text you. Block the person’s number so you don’t receive their messages. Set the alarm on your phone to go off when the person is near you. Then you can pretend someone is calling you.

Listen to music.

Buy some headphones and always put them on when you are alone. You can wear the headphones even when you’re not listening to music. If the person gets close to you, just turn up the music and move your head to the rhythm of the music – this will make the person think you’re absorbed in your music and don’t have time for them. If you want to go one step further, you can also close your eyes and sing along to the music. This way you don’t give the person a chance to start a conversation with you.

Ignore the person online.

Ignoring someone online is even easier than facing them. If you want to avoid her online, then ignore her emails, Facebook messages and posts, Twitter messages, and all other attempts to contact you online. Block the person on social networks. Make sure she can’t reach you online. Change your email address and username if necessary. This way, the person can no longer address you online.

Method three: Change the routine

Take a different path.

If you change your routine and just go a different route, then you won’t bump into the person as often. If you run into her between classes, take a little detour so you can avoid her. If you run into them at work, try choosing a different hallway or restroom so you can minimize the risk. If you just keep bumping into that person when you’re walking somewhere, drive around in your car from now on. If you notice that the person has also adjusted their school/work route to match yours, walk a different route each day. At some point, she will surely give up.

Avoid this person’s favorite places.

That’s actually logical. If you know this person’s favorite bars, restaurants, and parks, just stop going there. Otherwise, you will run into the person more often and have to ignore them more often. You can also remember when that person goes where. If she only goes to her favorite restaurant on the weekends, consider going during the week. If that person can only be found at one bar during happy hour, just go there later at night.

Visit places the person would never visit.

If she loves meat more than anything, look out for a good vegetarian restaurant in your area. If she hates jazz, go to jazz concerts. If she can’t stand one of your friends, then that friend’s parties are a safe haven for you. When you actively visit places that the other person would never visit, not only are you ignoring them, you’re actually finding new, cool places to eat and places that have nothing to do with the person you don’t love.

Method four: Ignore someone in different settings

Ignore someone at school.

Ignoring someone at school is difficult, especially if you’re taking the same classes. But there are still ways you can avoid someone without being too obvious. Here are some tips: If you normally sit next to this person, try sitting somewhere else. Once you have been assigned a seat, ask your teacher if you can sit with someone else. If you see the person in the cafeteria, make sure you can sit with your friends. If you bump into her in the hallway, just look straight ahead and pretend you’re on your way to class and you didn’t see her. If the person in class asks you a question, look away and pretend you didn’t hear.

Ignore someone at work.

Again, this can sometimes be tricky as you may be sitting close to the person or even working on the same project. However, there are a few things you can do to minimize contact: Avoid places like the break room or kitchen when the person is there. Find out when the person is usually in the kitchen to make coffee or lunch. Make sure you use the kitchen at other times. If you’re sitting close to the person at work, focus on your computer and make sure you always have some papers to dig into. Don’t jeopardize your job. If you need to speak to this person to complete an assignment, then do so. The person will get even more annoyed if you talk to them at work and completely ignore them after work.

Ignore someone in a different social circle.

It’s not that difficult if you know how to do it. All you have to do is count on your friends and be as far away from the person as possible – even if you’re in the same room. Here are some tips: Keep busy with your friends. Hang out with your friends and laugh a lot – pretend you’re having the funniest conversation of your life. Dance. If the person approaches and there’s music playing in the background, grab a friend and dance on the dance floor together. If the person still doesn’t give up, close your eyes and pretend you’re 100% focused on the music. If the person is standing with your friends, engage with the friends who are standing next to you. Then, when the person you don’t love speaks, scratch your ear or play around with your phone—pretending nothing happened.


Learn how to watch people out of the corner of your eye – and then pretend you don’t see them. Distract yourself from the person trying to harass you with an MP3 player. If the person still doesn’t give up and is calling your name to get your attention, just pretend you’re busy, say “Oh hello,” and just keep walking. If the person tries to talk to you, pick up your cell phone and pretend you’re answering the call or texting. Make sure you have a good reason to ignore the person. If you think you might run into the person in a certain place, make sure their car is parked in the lot before entering the store. When you’re at work, close your door or pretend you’re on the phone. If there is a solvable problem or a specific reason you want to ignore the person, consider talking to them about the problem. If the person is really sorry, talk to them and try to forgive them before you lose them completely. Give him or her a chance – maybe there was a misunderstanding.