a haunted house

a haunted house


There are two types of people: one loves haunted houses, the other would prefer anything else to a visit to these haunted houses! If you’re in the second group, you may find visiting these attractions unimaginable, but you don’t want to be the only person who gets off just before or runs out screaming in the middle. Even if you can never make it through a haunted house completely fearless, with a few tips and tricks you can definitely survive the horrors and make it to the exit.

Stay calm in the haunted house

Don’t focus on your fears before entering.

The nervous thoughts that go through your head even before entering a haunted house, as well as the fear and uncertainty of the horrors to come, are not actual facts, but just figments of your imagination. Instead of driving yourself insane before stepping in, remind yourself that it’s all just a spectacle. Nothing bad will happen to you in the haunted house – you are safe. To calm your nerves, do something light-hearted or fun in front of the haunted house. You could go out to eat, hang out with your friends, or watch a comedy or funny TV show. A lot of people get scared even before entering a haunted house. But then they find out that not only was it not as bad as feared, but that they actually had fun. Tell yourself that you will too.

Go in with at least one friend so you’re not alone.

The top priority for haunted houses is: never go in alone! Going in with a whole group or even just a friend can already help you feel a lot more relaxed. Go with someone you know so well that you don’t mind holding their hand or yelling in front of them. Ask your friend to stay with you the whole time you are in the haunted house. Also, let him know that you may need to hold on to him if you’re scared. If you don’t have anyone to go with you, try making friends with one of the people waiting in line or join a friendly-seeming group. While you won’t feel as safe with them as you do with your friends, it’s always better than going all alone.

In the haunted house, take deep breaths to calm yourself.

When you’re afraid, your heart beats faster, your skin turns red, and it’s harder for you to think clearly, which in turn can increase your anxiety! Try to break this cycle by reminding yourself to take deep breaths and stay calm while in the haunted house. As soon as you feel your heart rate increase or your hands start shaking, take a few deep, calming breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try inhaling for four seconds, then holding your breath for six seconds and exhaling through your mouth for eight counts. Tell yourself to breathe out your fear and tension. No matter what is waiting for you around the next corner, you will survive it!

When fear comes up in you, remind yourself that this is not real and is just for entertainment.

No matter how spooky haunted houses are, try to remind yourself that none of them are real. The people in the costumes are just actors and the house is just an ordinary house. It’s all just played and should bring joy to the visitors. Try to keep repeating a mantra in your mind like “I’m fine. Everything is just played.” to repeat. Repeat this whenever fear stirs in you.

When fear strikes you, be proud of yourself for facing your fears.

You’re doing something you’re afraid of – and that’s awesome! Encourage yourself before you go into the house and whenever you feel afraid during the visit. Try saying something like, “This is scary, but I’m brave and I can still do it!” Reminding yourself that you’re brave fills you with strength and more courage.

Ask to leave early if it gets too much for you.

It’s okay if you push your limits. Take a deep breath, stay calm, and ask someone to lead you out of the house. An actor or clerk can take you to the nearest exit where you can collect yourself and calm down. You can do this when you’re having a panic attack or just getting too scared. There’s no shame in leaving a haunted house early. Remember that you took the risk and dared to do it. It’s totally okay that you didn’t quite make it this time.

Then do something nice that you look forward to.

If you go home right after your visit to the haunted house, you might keep reminding yourself of the horrors and feel even worse. Instead, do something that you look forward to that will take your mind off your haunted house experiences. For example, you could meet up with friends, go out to eat, or watch a fun TV show. If you begin to fear being in the haunted house, focus on the things you want to do afterward. Say to yourself, “It’s okay. I’m almost through. When I’ve done this, I’ll treat myself to a delicious ice cream!”

Avoid the greatest terrors

Dress in all black so you don’t stand out to the actors.

If possible, try to dress like you’re part of the haunted house. Wear dark jeans, a black t-shirt or jacket, and comfortable shoes. You might find this strategy a bit strange, but wearing dark clothes doesn’t make you look like a newcomer to the field, and it might discourage actors from targeting you with their creep attacks. Dressed in black, the actors can’t see you very well in the dark either.

Try not to scream or laugh, as this may encourage the actors to startle you.

Actors in haunted houses tend to focus on the visitors who are yelling, laughing, running away, or otherwise showing fear. In order not to become the target of their horror attacks, you should try to remain as calm and composed as possible and not to stand out from the other visitors. Try to suppress your reactions as much as possible when you are afraid. Instead of flinching or yelling, try just hopping up and sucking in the air sharply. Take deep breaths and slowly move through the haunted house to better control your reactions.

Be prepared for a shock around every corner so you are not caught off guard.

You’re in a haunted house, so rest assured that there’s something spooky around every turn. However, the scare can be worse than anything else, so it’s good to be prepared. Quietly tell yourself that something might jump out at you, but you’re prepared for it and won’t be afraid. Then, if something or someone suddenly appears, you can release the tension and lighten the mood by saying something like, “Wow! What a surprise!” you think.

Make eye contact with the actors and stand tall to show you’re not scared.

Staying relaxed and pretending you don’t care can be difficult in a haunted house. It’s a great way to show actors that you’re not scared, though. Although some actors might find this behavior challenging, most will try to cater to the easily startled folks rather than biting their teeth on the die-hards.

Bold body language: Do’s and don’ts: Don’t: Close your eyes or look down. Do: Make eye contact with the actors to demonstrate your fearlessness. Letting: walk or cross your arms in front. To do: Lead with your head held high and your chest swelled. Let: Appear completely uninterested. This could annoy the actors and make you even more of a target. Do: Provide muffled responses, such as jumping away slightly, inhaling sharply, or saying “Oops!” Leave: Arguing with the actors or hitting them. They are just doing their job! Do: Remind yourself that you are not trapped in the haunted house and can leave at any time if this becomes too much for you. Do: Maintain a relaxed attitude, knowing that there are security cameras in the haunted house and emergency responders will be on hand should anything go seriously wrong. The place is monitored.

Stand up front to show you’re not the most anxious member of the group.

Being in the front row gives others the impression that you are not afraid of what may lie ahead. The actors in haunted houses know that skittish visitors tend to be in the middle or at the back of a group. Because of this, they often focus on those areas and leave the people at the front alone. You might even be able to sneak past the actors before they even notice you.

Choosing the right spirit house

Set your scary and horror level.

Everyone reacts differently to the various scare and scare tactics. Some people can’t stand a madhouse or prison with crazy inmates, but they don’t care about zombies or monsters. Others have no problem with blood and horror but cannot watch a human body being mutilated. Still others don’t mind when a creature eats or kills humans, but cannot endure the same treatment when it comes to acts of violence between humans. If you are terrified of clowns, spiders, or bats, then you should avoid houses with these things. If you were raised or are strongly religious, avoid haunted houses with themes such as occultism, devil worship, and the like. Think about how you react to certain movies and video games. Make a note of which scenes and topics upset or upset you the most. This will show you what types of scary and horror suit you.

Try to find out how extreme the haunted house in question is.

Look at internet advertisements or brochures promoting haunted houses. The biggest haunted houses and attractions don’t necessarily have to be the scariest. Also, don’t judge them by name or title. “Extreme” is for haunted houses like “18+” for movies. The more extreme a haunted house, the further the actors go, the spookier the atmosphere, and the more gory the props are to scare visitors away. The Haunted Mansion at Disney theme parks is considered mild.

Final Words

Don’t forget that no one can force you to do something you don’t want to do. If you choose not to go to the haunted house, that’s perfectly fine. Always remember that they are only actors. They’re people like you. Don’t be scared if something happens. The house is under video surveillance and employees are on guard.